Ross with 19 1/2" Rainbow from
Western North Carolina
Photo by: G. Cunningham
is a passion with the
author and we will be
featuring photos of
wildlife, outdoor scenes,
and favorite people in
beautiful places.  If you
always wanted to travel to
Montana, Wyoming or
Alaska, check out the
photos and you'll be
searching for plane tickets
on the next flight.  We will
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and will update pricing
and availability of framed
and unframed prints in the
near future.
Nice rainbow trout from
western North Carolina
L. Ross with nice
Rainbow Trout taken on
the East Fork French
Broad River
Brown Trout on Madison River,
Fishing dry flies.
Fly Rods, Good Dogs and Straight
Shooting Guns
New book of short stories, instructional articles and
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Return to Oak Hill
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New Novel now
A riveting novel of tragedy,
suspense and adventure that
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Lost years at
Earthquake Lak
e is sure
to become a favorite of
readers everywhere.  An
actual historic event is the
focus of this fiction novel as a
husband and wife are torn
apart by a bizarre turn of
events.  Join them as they go
through the uncertainty and
struggles that tests their love
for each other.  A beautiful
story in a beautiful landscape
that you will not want to miss.  
Excerpts coming soon for
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L. Ross at Earthquake
Lake, Montana
Photo by: Margaret Ross
Bream and bass from
upstate SC pond
Nice string of shellcrackers
caught in upstate SC pond
Children's author Margaret
Clark Ross - and Jumpy, a
character in her book
Freelance Writer and Photographer
Ross is a
member of
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Photo of arrow points and hatchet
knapped by L. Ross
Bull Moose sighted between Delta Junction and
Fairbanks, Alaska. Photo by: L. Ross
Coyote in Yellowstone National Park
Photo by: L. Ross
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Mallard in flight at Skeeter
Branch Hunting Preserve - Photo:
L. Ross
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L. Woodrow Ross
Knives made by Ross from recycled tools